A better way to dose

The world's 1st universal dosing pouch for dry-herb inhalers

The natural filter paper can be safely heated during sessions and composted after use.

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Prep Your Dose

Pull handle up to load applicator

Press handle down to fill pouch

Align and press heater to seal pouch

Insert into the oven and enjoy

Clean, Convenient & Discreet

Universal Use

Works with all leading brands

Lab Tested

Safe for heating and inhalation

Compost It


Stays Cool

Does not burn in oven or hand

Stays Clean

Keeps your oven residue-free

Tranparent Flavor

Taste 100% of the herb

Easy to Use

Loading & unloading is simple


Perfect for adventures

Starter Kit


  • 50 NAVA Pouches
  • 1 Heat Sealer
  • 2 Applicator Tools

Refill 50 Pack

BUY 2 FOR $35

“I believe that dry-herb inhalers are the healthiest way to consume. NAVA was founded to help you have the same “light-bulb” moment I did, connecting deeper with the technology and experiencing a much cleaner and hassle-free session.”

– Michael Mercer | Founder